Getting to Punta Mita

Getting to Punta Mita and Villa Lunada

Villa Lunada, located just 45 minutes north of Puerta Vallarta, boasts an exotic and tropical locale. Yet, getting to Punta Mita and the villa from most major US and Canadian cities is relatively easy and moderately priced. The ease in getting here ensures your transition into holiday mode will be smooth and seamless. Upon arrival at Villa Lunada the panoramic views of the Bay of Banderas, the peninsula and the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean will take your breath away. Our beautiful villa sits atop El Faro, a spectacular right point break that draws comparisons to Malibu, and is walking distance to two other highly desired surf spots, making it the perfect choice for your destination surf or SUP adventure.

Getting to Punta Mita and Villa Lunada

Villa Lunada is located at the tip of Punta Mita Point. This means incredible panoramic views of Banderas Bay and beyond.

Flying to Villa Lunada through Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s international airport (PVR) has excellent connectivity to most mainland United States and Canadian cities with 25 direct flights to international destinations.  Tickets may be purchased through a variety of retailers.  Please note:  a passport is required to travel to Puerto Vallarta.  American and Canadian travelers will be issued visitor’s visas upon arriving in customs.  Please inquire about immigration law if you plan to stay longer than 90 days. 


Most domestic, European, Mexican, and Canadian airline companies provide direct service to Puerto Vallarta, ensuring great value for air travel. Tickets may be purchased through online airfare retailers, or through airline companies directly.

Luggage and Valets

Please refer to TSA for all restrictions and requirements regarding your checked luggage and carry on items.  Villa Lunada is not responsible for lost or stolen items and advises all guests to keep their personal items with them at all times while traveling to and from the Villa.  A personal valet will be arranged at the guest’s request to assist in transporting all luggage, personal items, and surf or SUP gear to and from the Villa.


If you wish to use a taxi service to travel from PVR, please pay at the taxi stand inside the airport.  You will then be assigned a taxi car or van.  Fares include gratuity and are based on distance traveled. Usually around $85-$100 USD.

Villa Lunada encourages all guests to pre-arrange taxi service prior to exiting the airport at PVR.  Arrangements can easily be made through Villa Lunada’s concierge staff in advance of your travel date.  Please contact our on-site concierge as soon as your air travel has been confirmed.

VIP Car Pick-up/Drop -Off

A VIP car pick-up/drop-off service may be booked through our concierge staff as soon as your air travel has been confirmed.