Reunions in Punta Mita – Your Own Beachfront Villa

Reunions Punta Mita

The true magic of Villa Lunada lies in its spacious common spaces. Here is a view of a typical sunset over the Bay of Banderas just a few feet from the infinity pool on the back deck.

Reunions in Punta Mita at Villa Lunada

Villa Lunda is an ideal location for a family or group reunion.┬áThe kid’s pool and nearby ocean tide pools will keep young children happy for hours, while golfing, fishing, mountain biking, snorkeling and surfing opportunities will keep adults of any age entertained and engaged.

Why Villa Lunada?

When planning a destination reunion the options range from booking multiple rooms at a large resort, taking a cruise, or booking a large house in a great location. We hope you chose the latter right here in Punta Mita! The location is unparalleled at Villa Lunada, and with four large en suite bedrooms, there is plenty of room. More family members can stay at our partner property Hotel Cinco, just a few minutes down the road.

While the private spaces at the Villa are large and luxurious, the true magic of the compound lies in its common spaces: the pools, Jacuzzi, and decks overlooking the bay, the large manicured lawn sloping down to the ocean, the large living room and wrap around couches, and finally the bonfire which invites storytelling, music and laughter long after the sun sets over the Bay of Banderas.


Puerto Vallarta International Airport is only 45 minutes from Villa Lunada, and we can provide VIP transportation for all your family members. The compound is located inside the gates of the Four Seasons Resort and you will have a golf cart (or multiple carts if you desire) to get your group around the resort: from beaches, to restaurants to world-class golf.


Your stay includes an in-house cook that can prepare breakfast and lunch for your family. Dinner preparation is extra, and we can also suggest many caterers in the area to make your in-house dining a memorable experience. Reservations for large groups are highly recommended and we can you give a list of top restaurants inside the gates and in the town of Punta Mita, so you can schedule some nights out before the trip is in full swing.

The Bottom Line…

Staying here with us at Villa Lunada is much less expensive than staying at a neighboring resort, and you get the place all to yourself… that means your experience is all on your own terms. By bringing your group to Villa Lunada, you get the best of both worlds: access to the world-class golf of the Four Seasons, and the white sand beaches of the Resident’s Beach Club, while also being able to retreat to your own private villa where you can share time with your family away from the crowds.