Punta Mita Stand Up Paddleboarding – A Quick Guide

punta mita stand up paddleboarding

Gerry Lopez SUP & Yoga Camp at Hotel Cinco and Villa Lunada in 2012

Punta Mita Stand Up Paddleboarding: An Introduction

Villa Lunada and our sister property Hotel Cinco were one of the first to bring stand up paddleboarding to Punta Mita. The sport originated in Hawaii as a means for local surf instructors to teach surfing to visitors. On a longer, bigger board where they could stand up, surf teachers could easily keep track of their students and move around in the waves. Today, stand up paddleboarding or SUP, is the fastest growing watersport in the world and provides a great introduction to surfing for those who have never been on a board before. In a nutshell, it is a lot easier to catch waves when you can paddle into them and you are already on your feet. Villa Lunada and Hotel Cinco have played host to a half-a-dozen Gerry Lopez SUP Surf and Lifestyle Camps throughout the years featuring instruction, yoga and discussions on wellness and healthy lifestyles from the man himself.

Where to Start Punta Mita Stand Up Paddleboarding

Unless you’re an experienced paddler, we recommend you start at Hotel Cinco, located right in front of Anclote, which is recognized as one of the best beginner breaks in Mexico, if not the world. There, we will provide you with rentals, and we can also schedule lessons with the hotel’s expert instructors.

Flatwater Stand Up Paddleboarding

If flatwater paddling is more your deal, you can access some colorful shallow reefs around Banderas Bay by SUP where you can expect to encounter wildlife like tuna, manta rays, sea turtles and dolphins. Or take a trip out to the Marieta Islands National Park and explore caves, snorkel through schools of roosterfish, and maybe even see a humpback whale in the winter season. Take a sunset paddle/tour of the bay at least one evening during your trip. Punta Mita sunsets are unforgettable, but experiencing sunset out on the water with friends and family on a stand up paddleboard is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Photos of Punta Mita Stand Up Paddleboarding

Below you can check out photos of our in-house stand up paddling instructor Oso Negro (Black Bear) and his dog Neptune, who doesn’t like to be left on the beach when the surf’s up. We also have some great photos from our Gerry Lopez SUP Surf and Lifestyle Camps:¬†You can see participants enjoying everything from sunset surf sessions to heading out in the pangas to other local surf destinations. Read more about stand up paddling from Hotel Cinco here.